• Bonnie Lowry Vallette

When COVID and Winter Weather Collide

Updated: Feb 9

COVID and winter weather may make it more difficult for seniors to get care they need. If you or a loved one are experiencing a health concern, and aren't quite sure if you should venture out to the doctor, give us a call at 740.477.6842, to speak with one of our nurses.

Appropriate assessment, helpful information

Honor Home Health is responding to this dual challenge by offering free phone health evaluations, free nursing assessments when appropriate, and free assistance in collaborating telehealth visits with your primary care physicians. The nurse will ask you questions, make an assessment if appropriate, and give you information that can help you to make an educated decision about your wellbeing.

Our Commitment to Community

Honor Home Health, formerly Amity, has been caring for our Elders for more than 25 years. Our commitment to offer care goes beyond providing physical therapies, nursing, personal care, and homemaking, to providing care that goes beyond physical welfare, to encompass emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing as well. It is our honor to offer such care.

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